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They are a great operation, very well-run. If you walk into a Hy-Vee store and just look like you need help, someone will approach you and take you to the item that you need. That’s been my experience 100 percent of the time.

Stillwater Township, Minnesota

Kudos to Janine in the Jefferson store who called to walk me through a few changes to my online order ahead of pickup! #greatservice

Megan Holz
Jefferson, Iowa

My daughter has moved to Colorado, but is visiting family in Overland Park, KS…her first stop after dinner? Hy-Vee, one of the things she misses most about moving!


Cedar Falls, Iowa

Thanks for all you give to your communities!



Deb Christ
Lincoln, NE

Wish we had HyVee in the STL area. I’m originally from Iowa and they are the best!



St. Louis, MO

Today I went to Hy-Vee and experienced the culture of ‘a smile in every aisle.’ I left feeling really good about life.



Waukee, Iowa