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Peak Performance

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
1:19PM    December 18, 2017    Janelle
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MEDIA VERSION » Food & Health

Peak Performance

Cake decorators Jamie Kriech and Allie Sydow, from the Sioux Falls No. 7 Hy-Vee, have been creating cakes for the Sioux Falls Fire and Rescue Department for seven years. The cakes are featured at award ceremonies for graduates of the Fire Department Training Academy.

Fire Chief Mike Ackerman hosts the events, which honor recent graduates and their families. The cake from Hy-Vee is always a highlight.

Ackerman has come up with new and different ideas every year, sometimes including wooden houses and dry ice to mimic smoke.

Every year when Ackerman stops in to pick up the cake, he is thrilled. For the past three years, Ackerman has presented Kriech and Sydow with a certificate of appreciation award from the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Training Center.  This year, he called it the “Peak Performance” award.

“They thanked me for developing a strong relationship with the fire department over the years, and went on to say how much everyone enjoyed the cake,” Kriech said. “I am so honored to accept such a wonderful act of kindness. It’s nice to know that decorating a cake for a customer can create a memorable experience.”