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Preparing The Future Norfolk Workforce

Norfolk, Nebraska
3:56PM    March 14, 2018    Janelle
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Preparing The Future Norfolk Workforce

The two Norfolk, Nebraska, Hy-Vee Stores presented a check for $10,000 to Norfolk Senior High School in March. The funds will assist in the construction of the high school’s new Career Academy addition.

Norfolk Career Academies give students the opportunity to explore career education in areas in which they have interest and passion. The academy provides a strong focus on career and college readiness in several career cluster areas. Elective courses are strategically sequenced to follow a program of study that includes theory as well as hands-on, practical experiences needed to be successful in the student’s chosen career interest area. The academy collaborates with area business and higher education partners to prepare students with real-world experiences.

Currently, the academy offers courses in agriculture, automotive, welding, marketing, IT, finance, early child education, culinary, business administration, construction, drafting and health science.

“Our stores in Norfolk chose to donate to expand the academy’s offerings because the program is career-based and we believe it will benefit our local community and workforce,” said Sue Miller, human resource manager at the Norfolk No. 2 Hy-Vee. “This fall, they are planning to implement a course on retail management.”