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Fort Madison Assists With Citywide Cleanup

Fort Madison, Iowa
2:13PM    May 7, 2018    Janelle
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Fort Madison Assists With Citywide Cleanup

A team of 15 Hy-Vee employees and family members gathered on April 21 to participate in the Fort Madison, Iowa, Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Citywide Cleanup. Hy-Vee’s group was the largest out of the nearly 100 volunteers.


Team Hy-Vee was assigned to a dry creek area in Fort Madison, located just east of the store and across the street. The Hy-Vee team alone collected 380 pounds of trash and debris.

“We were the only group that needed a truck to haul away what we collected,” said P.J. Marshall, assistant director of operations at the Fort Madison Hy-Vee. “We picked up bed frames, plastic patio chairs, carpet, sleeping bags, box fans, shoes, clothing and kitchen appliances. This creek runs along a property with storage units, and people are known to dump unwanted items in the creek when cleaning out the storage units. It was a wonderful feeling to get it cleaned up.”

Hy-Vee sponsored lunch – including hot dogs, chips, cookies and a drink – for the volunteers at Central Park following the event.

“Our Hy-Vee team had a great time working for this cause, and received excellent news coverage and publicity,” Marshall said. “But the best part was seeing the seven children in our group get out and enjoy making the community a better, cleaner place.”