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Food For Students In Need

Newton, Iowa
12:15PM    January 31, 2018    Janelle
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Food For Students In Need

Through the community’s support, Newton High School launched a permanent food pantry this month for students in need. The food pantry is operated alongside the school’s clothing closet, which provides gently used clothing for those who need it.

Of course, Hy-Vee did its part to help.

During the Newton High School football season, the Newton Hy-Vee pledged it would donate $10 to the Jasper County United Way for every sack or tackle for a loss made by the team. After the season, Hy-Vee gave the United Way a $690 store credit, which the United Way used to purchase food items for the food pantry. Now more than 10 cabinets at the school are stocked with food items for those in need.

“It was definitely a community-wide effort with lots of businesses and individuals contributing,” said Scott Pearson, store director at Newton. “We were glad to do our part to make sure students have access to food if they need it.”